Raspberry Thief Newsletter 3

This is newsletter number 3, November whizzed past in a blur of painting commissions here. But I did still read and listen to some inspiring content. Ideas on giving your artistic practice a kick, your artistic family tree, putting in the work (again), and soaking in expertise from some masters. … More Raspberry Thief Newsletter 3


Pocket Hitchhikers

How many times have you come back from a walk and found your pockets full of little treasures of nature?

It seems that some of us can’t help but pick up stones from the beach or conkers from the woodland, small tactile pieces of nature that make us feel good. … More Pocket Hitchhikers

The Story Of Summer In Yorkshire

The only way we can inspire and encourage people to care is by rebuilding those connections that have been lost.  Naming trees, plants, animals and birds gives them power and presence. Rebuilding our connection to the seasons, which sadly have become marked by consuming goods rather than noticing the intricate changes that affect our surroundings.  Keeping a nature journal is a simple way to start building those connections again, you could start with your own garden or local park, you’ll be amazed what you notice when you stop and look. … More The Story Of Summer In Yorkshire

First Signs of Spring

‘It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade’ Charles Dickens It was the Spring Equinox earlier this week. Day and night are almost equal lengths. It will soon be time for the clocks to go … More First Signs of Spring

August Family Adventure – Kinder Scout – Cloughs, rocks, and ‘death train engaged’

It was a scramble down the first section, very rocky and steep. Whenever my youngest two reach a tricky section on our walks they shout ‘death train engaged!’, I’ve mentioned this to friends and family before, and they always look very concerned!! … More August Family Adventure – Kinder Scout – Cloughs, rocks, and ‘death train engaged’

A year of #Momentsketchers.

Back in January I decided to combine my love for the outdoors with my love for art, and by serendipity I came across Candace Rose Rardon’s #momentsketchers challenge.  What started out as just a monthly ‘drawing challenge’, has for me and the other participants  blossomed in to a lovely, friendly, positive community on Instagram.  It … More A year of #Momentsketchers.

July Family Adventure – 9 Miles of Sunshine and Golden Corn.

July is usually a very busy month for us, lots of end of term school stuff going on, planning for the summer holidays, and birthdays. It was another unplanned, last minute decision trip after looking at a rather full calendar.  Instead of driving out further afield in the car we decided to stay local and … More July Family Adventure – 9 Miles of Sunshine and Golden Corn.